Sunday – Christianity’s Symbol of Hate for the Jews

Says Clifford Goldstein, it was “Out of hatred of the Jews, the church changed the Sabbath to Sunday.”

Born in Albany New York Goldstein was raised a secular Jew. His is the story of a Jewish intellectual who refused to believe in God until God touched his heart with love. Once an atheist Goldstein became a Christian and joined the Seventh-day Adventist church where he makes a great contribution as an editor and author. He has written nearly 20 books and countless articles. He travels extensively speaking on issues of faith, science, philosophy and belief. He holds a Masters degree in ancient Northwest Semitic languages from John Hopkins University.   These five articles on the evolution of Sabbath to Sunday come from the magazine, ‘Shabbat Shalom,’ of which Goldstein was once editor.  One can appreciate Goldstein’s interest in the Sabbath and his concern for how the shift came about from the biblical Sabbath to Sunday. This is a serious contribution to the change of the Sabbath to Sunday worship.

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